Project Details

Cosplay: Paul Avery

From: Zodiac (film)

Materials: Faux suede, cotton fabric. Acrylic paint. Pleather cord.

Finishing Touches*: Hand painted front and back panels. Hand stitched trim around collar.

Photographer: Shannon Rona, Amber Klinge

*Downey Jr. autographed at a later date

Process & Features

The base and lining of this replica jacket from the movie Zodiac are made from faux suede fabric. The blue panels that overlay are a jean pattern cotton. All pattern pieces were hand patterned, replicated from old clothing left around the house.

Once patterned, pieces were traced onto the final fabric and cut out. After pinning together appropriately, the lining was attached to the outer pieces, and eventually merged with the outer layer before being flipped inside out. The collar was stitched by hand with pleather cord, and buttons were sewn into the cuffs of the sleeves. The front and back pattern were hand drawn from reference stills from the film and replicated with acrylic pant.


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