What I do

I am a cosplayer, costume and prop maker, and social media marketer. My heart has urged me to do what I love, and what I love is sharing positivity with others in creative and fun ways.

With a dual degree in marketing and management, I’ve been able to build my social media pages while showcasing my self-taught skills. From makeup and sewing simple jackets to building full body armor, my spare time is spent re-creating pieces for myself or other cosplayers in order to share my work and support charity causes.

How I do it

Like many other projects…it started with an idea.

Most of my projects have been inspired by a character or a person that I relate myself to. They start with a sketch, then a pattern, and a test run with scrap materials.  I have sewn, foam crafted, and 3D printed, as well as dabbled into wiring electronics. Post production usually requires sanding, priming, painting, and assembling, and eventually, a photoshoot to document my work.

Where I do it

Pennsylvania and California have been home to the majority of my costuming career. While growing my life as a cosplayer and creator, I have been fortunate enough to have also worked from both the east and west coasts, and in between, including, most frequently, Georgia and New York.

While creators often have large building spaces, my work has been centralized in home or at local maker spaces in order to control what materials and processes are used. If possible, eco friendly materials are researched and obtained.




years in cosplaying

35 +

completed projects

$4200 +

raised for charity

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View my favorite costume and prop work, commissions, and makeup transformations.

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News and social media articles featuring my recent projects.