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    Positively rewriting the definition of an influencer and what it means to creatively network through social media.

Meet Shannon Rona:
cosplayer, content creator, and streamer.

Social media is constantly expanding as technology progresses, and now embodies more than just the narrow world of reaction videos and product reviews.  Hoping to break past that generalization, Rona strives to build a community where makers can discover new connections and encourage others to be their own kind of creative.





Shannon Rona is a a cosplayer, costume and prop maker, and social media streamer. Her heart has urged her to do what she loves, and what she loves is sharing positivity with others in creative and fun ways.

With a background in marketing and management, she has been able to build her social media pages up while showcasing her self-taught creator skills. She has a showcase ranging from makeup and sewing to building foam and 3D printed full body armor, and her spare time is spent re-creating pieces for herself or social connections in order to share her work and support charity causes.