Project Details

Cosplay: Dolittle

From: Universal’s Dolittle

Materials: Eco-friendly PLA 3D print filament on an Ender 3 Pro, spray primer, spray paint. Cotton, corduroy, faux velvet, pleather, burlap, and canvas fabric, acrylic paint.

Finishing Touches: 3D printed animals and seahorse emblems for the belt. Hand painted patterns on the leg leaves. Hand stitched seahorses on back of coat.

Photographer: Michelle Dunn

Process & Features

Cotton, faux velvet, and pleather fabric was used to make the coat and shirt.  The pants were made from corduroy, and the bottom detailed leaves are made from both burlap and canvas fabrics. The animals were 3D printed and hand painted, and the seahorses were hand patterned and stitched onto the jacket. All buttons were hand attached. All pattern pieces were hand patterned, replicated from old clothing left around the house.

Once sketched out, the pattern pieces were detailed and then traced onto the final fabric and cut out. After being sewn together for a base, embellishment features were added, including the buttons and pockets on the jacket and pants. On the bottom of the pants, the leaves were replicated looking at photo stills from the movie.  Both the patterns on them and the seahorses on the back of the jacket were sketched out, then transferred onto the final costume with either paint or hand embroidery.

All animals pictured were 3D printed and detailed post print with paint and fabric.  The seahorses on the belt were sprayed silver post print.


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