Project Details

Cosplay: Sailor Saturn

From: Sailor Moon

Materials: White stretch swim fabric, navy and burgundy satin. Eco-friendly 3D print PLA filament, PVC piping. Spray primer, spray paint.

Finishing Touches: Pleated skirt, 3D printed accessories, including earrings, staff ends, brooch, and tiara. Paint dyed boots with added laces.

Photographer: Jeff Zoet Visuals

Process & Features

White stretch swim fabric was used with navy and burgundy satin for embellishment pieces. The staff was created with 3D print files and a PVC pipe.  All jewelry and brooch pieces were 3D printed in transparent filament.

Once patterned, pieces were traced onto the final fabric and cut out. After pinning together appropriately, the leo was sewn and flipped inside out, and the skirt was pleated and serged so the edges do not fray. The glove elbows were completed similarly, and stuffed before attaching to the white pieces.  Snaps were attached to the bows, which were interfaced before pulling inside out to finish, on the correct side, to stay put on the white leo.

The modified boots had been stripped, cleaned, and repainted using a mixture of stretch acrylic paint.  Holes were punched and white laces were added once dried. For the staff, each end was glued onto PVC pipe to add the details to top and bottom, and then painted.


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