Project Details

Cosplay: Nebula (makeup)

From: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Materials: Mehron Paradise pigments, black eyeliner, purple lipstick. Spirit gum, bald cap. Foam, spray paint.

Finishing Touches: Fine, black details overlaying colored pigments. Foam head attachments adhered using spirit gum.

Photographer: Michelle Dunn

Process & Features

While most of my projects are full costumes, Nebula focuses on the makeup aspect of this art.

Once a bald cap is attached, I use spirit gum to tack down the edges. Next, I use Mehron products to overlay my clean canvas skin, first adding the purple center and then adding the blue sides. Once completed, the black details are drawn on with eyeliner and dark lip color is applied.  The head pieces are attached last, also with spirit gum for a good hold.  Black half sclera contacts are used to darken my eyes.


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