Project Details

Cosplay: Rescue/Morgan Stark (played by Lexi Rabe)

From: Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame

Materials: Foam, eco-friendly PLA 3D print filament on an Ender 3 Pro, spray primer, spray paint.

Finishing Touches: Motorized helmet faceplate. LED lights. Triggers to motorized parts in gloves.

Photographer: Jessica Rabe, Sarah Oakley

Featuring: Shannon Rona

Process & Features

Lexi’s Rescue suit is both foam crafted and 3D printed using files created by Johan Joao. Printed with eco-friendly PLA filament, Lexi’s Rescue was completed all on one machine, an Ender 3 Pro, after sizing to her measurements (taken in person) and cutting the pieces apart on multiple 3D designing programs. The legs are made from foam for better movement and durability for a child.

Once printed, each piece was welded together with a soldering iron tip, then primed and sanded for paint. After paint is applied and set aside to dry and cure, electronics, triggered by buttons attached to an arduino system, were soldered together and installed.


year created