Project Details

Cosplay: Irene Adler

From: Warner Bros’ Sherlock Holmes

Materials: Gray suiting fabric, wine red satin, white rayon/polyester blend.

Finishing Touches: Button down front for closure. A satin red back to the vest, and puffed sleeves on the white base shirt.  Modified boots to be the correct height and laced.

Photographer: Amber Klinge

Featuring: pittnbcosplay

Process & Features

Irene’s suit, as featured in the first Warner Bros adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, was completed with gray suiting fabric and wine red satin for the vest detailing. The pattern is custom, drawn and cut from a duct tape and saran wrap mold of my dress form.

Once patterned, pieces were traced onto the final fabric and cut out. After pinning together appropriately to line the vest, the top was sewn together, then flipped inside out to add finishing details. The pants are one layer with a zipper hidden on one hip side.  The white shirt has a v neck and oversized sleeves for visual aesthetic, and the boots were modified knee high boots with laces added. Hair and makeup all natural.


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