Project Details

Cosplay: Scarlet Witch

From: Marvel’s WandaVision

Materials: Stretch vinyl, pleather marine vinyl, and foam. Eco-friendly 3D print PLA filament. Spray primer, spray paint.

Finishing Touches: A 3D printed crown and belt buckle, finished and painted red. Vinyl wrapped foam to raise details on front of top.

Photographer: Jeff Zoet Visuals

Process & Features

Wanda’s brand new costume was replicated in three days immediately after the final episode of her sitcom aired. It was completed with burgundy stretch vinyl and red marine vinyl for detail. The pattern is custom, drawn and cut from a duct tape and saran wrap mold of my dress form.

Once patterned, pieces were traced onto the final fabric and cut out. After pinning together appropriately, the top was sewn together, then attached to the train to create a dress-like fit. Foam pieces were wrapped in vinyl using glue, then placed on the top pattern. The gloves were detailed, then flipped inside out to merge pieces.  Her crown and belt buckle were 3D printed using eco-friendly materials, then primed and painted.


year created