Project Details

Cosplay: Robert Downey Jr.

From: Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Press Tour (Munich)

Materials: Faux suede, pleather cord, navy cotton blend fabric. Foam, horse hair, acrylic paint, and replacement coat buttons.

Finishing Touches: Hand made tassels and frayed pieces on belt. Hand stitched embroidery on pants. Hand dyed faux suede fabric.

Photographer: Amber Klinge

Process & Features

Made from mostly faux suede fabric, this unique look of Downey Jr. was replicated by hand patterning techniques, designed from old clothing left around the house. The navy shirt is made from a cotton blend.

Once patterned, pieces were traced onto the final fabric and cut out. After pinning together appropriately, the lining was attached to the outer pieces of the jacket, and eventually merged with the outer layer before being flipped inside out. The pants, crazy as they are, were hand embroidered in a matter of a few days, after referencing press photos to hand draw out the designs first. Once applied to tissue paper, a needle and thread was used to pull the white stitching through. Pleather cord was used to tie the edges by the knees, and line the front and side panels. The belt charms were hand crafted from a multitude of old supplies, including horse hair, foam, and ornament caps. Each charm was painted to match.


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