Project Details

Cosplay: Yelena Belova

From: Marvel’s Black Widow

Materials: White neoprene fabric, black and silver webbing. Eco-friendly PLA 3D print filament on an Ender 3 Pro, spray paint.

Finishing Touches: 3D printed accessories and padding, including shoulders, elbows, and knees, the belt pieces, holster, and Widow bites.  Makeup contoured myself. Vest acquired separately via a friend.

Photographer: Amber Klinge

Featuring: Chelsea Quick

Process & Features

Yelena was made as a budget project, spending as little money as possible. I used white neoprene fabric for the base suit, with stitching embellishments on each piece. The pattern is custom, drawn and cut from a duct tape and saran wrap mold of myself.

The 3D accessories are printed with eco-friendly PLA filament.  The belt pieces and buckles are finished with a silver spray paint, the pads are the same but painted white and gray, and the Widow bites and holster are raw prints, no paint.  Yelena’s belt is made from layering silver and black webbing, glues into place against the buckle and holster pieces.


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